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The Newsblock extension fights bad news by redirecting you to more credible news sources

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How this works

    • As you're browsing the web Newsblock checks to see if the website you click has been indexed by our credibility algorithms
    • Note - we do not store any of your search history/cookies or personal information
    • If the article you clicked on was of low credibility you will be recommended a higher ranked article about the same topic
    • Note - if you do not want to see the recommended warning page, turn on the 'Auto' setting

Newsblock Rankings

Publication Rating
Reuters 114%
BBC 93%
Mother Jones 76%
Washington Post 75%
the Guardian 74%
The Atlantic 74%
Vox 70%
CNBC 69%
NBC News 67%
Business Insider 67%
HuffPost 64%
CBS News 63%
Time 62%
Slate Magazine 62%
The New York Times 62%
New York Magazine 61%
The Nation 61%
TheHill 60%
The Independent 60%
The Wall Street Journal 59%
Daily Star 59%
Los Angeles Times 57%
Yahoo 51%
BuzzFeed News 50%
Newsweek 46%
VICE News 46%
RedState 44%
Fox News 44%
CNN 39%
TheBlaze 38%
National Review 37%
Prison 0%

How Newsblock rates articles?

    • The publication's bias and factual record which we retrieve from Media Bias Fact Check
    • History is the strongest factor taken in consideration when scoring an article
    • Scripts used to track your data
    • We use the amount of trackers on an article page as a factor
    • Links and quotations found in the article
    • This is a weaker factor in the scoring algorithm